microFIT Application Window to reopen soon

Posted by Admin on August 12, 2013

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Dear CanSIA Member,

Following discussions with the Ministry of Energy, CanSIA has learned that the microFIT window is planned for opening by the end of August, and members will once again be able to make application for the 30 MW that will become available.

Since the microFIT window was closed on July 29 and applications were terminated, CanSIA has worked with the Ministry of Energy to communicate your concerns in respect of the process. The Minister of Energy’s most recent directive to the OPA in respect of the microFIT program is intended to provide predictable procurement windows and price review timelines. To that end, we are working collaboratively with the Ministry of Energy and the Ontario Power Authority to avoid unexpected pauses between procurement windows as we go forward.

CanSIA continues to advocate the necessity of clear, transparent and predictable procurement policy and to provide clarity and certainty for members with respect to the microFIT program and towards the continued improvement of Ontario’s solar PV policy and procurement.

We also encourage all of our microFIT members to contribute to the ongoing policy discussion in respect of the provinces long-term plans, and are interested in hearing your thoughts on CanSIA’s proposed recommendations to the revised Long-Term Energy Plan.

John A. Gorman


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