A bold new Canadian energy strategy

Posted by Admin on July 26, 2012

Premiers Dalton McGuinty and Alison Redford united with the other first ministers at the Council of the Federation this week in Halifax. Both now agree that a Canadian energy strategy is a good idea for the country.

The last time the Council of the Federation came together on energy, five years ago, they agreed to pursue efficiency and conservation, expanded R&D for clean-energy research, and more renewable, green and cleaner energy sources. They also agreed that any energy plan should seek to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.

At the moment, our country’s economy is growing increasingly dependent on natural resources. They are abundant, today’s world needs them, and we rely on them for jobs. But the world is changing, and Canada must change with it.

A Clean Energy Accord among provinces could help transition Canada to a global 21st century energy system. This Council of the Federation may go down in history as the meeting where the first ministers took the first steps, together, toward this better future.


Feed-In Tariffs around the Globe

Posted by Admin on March 13, 2012

The global financial crisis played a significant role to a decline in the Feed-In Tariff programs’ support in Europe while it was on the rise in other countries such as China and India. China introduced its first FIT program in August 2011; at the same time Japan’s Parliament approved FIT in the wake of the nuclear crisis which expected to start running fully this July.

Germany saw an unprecedented rise in solar system installations last year, while cuts to the FIT were recently announced. In the United Kingdom, proposed reductions were ruled unlawful by the court. Spain temporary suspended its FIT in 2012 which attracted strong criticism from the European Commission: “The suspension of all new renewable energy projects will also have a disturbing impact on investment in this sector. How can we plan to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and develop new industries and jobs if we create such a volatile investment climate?”

Back home, we have less than a month to wait and see what FIT review holds for all of us. Will Ontario continue to differentiate its energy mix with clean and renewable sources or will it hold on to fossil-fuel and nuclear dependency?



Everything you wanted to know about Ontario’s microFIT program. Ask Logitest Solar!

Posted by Admin on April 29, 2011

Many of our readers are interested in the idea of having a solar system on their roofs but have a lot of questions and doubts. Our blog is here to help you!

Some key points of microFIT program:

  • Established and approved  in October 2010 by Ontario Government
  • Offers generous price rates for the electricity sold back to the grid, offers contracts for 20-year term with guaranteed price rates
  • Was created to diverse Ontario’s energy mix with clean renewable sources of energy
  • Continues to stimulate green energy sector by creating new local business and jobs
  • Ontario is the first and only province in Canada to have such a program. It is one of a kind within North America. Similar programs have been successfully running around the globe for years (Germany, Spain, Japan, France, South Korea)

Some of the services Logitest Solar provides:

  • Initial assessment of your property for a microFIT solar project
  • Registration process with OPA (Ontario Power Authority)
  • Installation of PV solar system
  • Financing solutions for your microFIT project

Feel free to ask us anything you want to know about microFIT program and solar energy in general!

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