Net Metering Program In Ontario

Posted by Admin on January 29, 2013

In 2005, the provincial government introduced net metering regulations that allow Ontario homeowners to send electricity generated from renewable sources such as solar energy to the province’s grid for a credit towards their hydro costs. The more electricity your system produces the more savings you receive!

Electricity companies frequently argue that participating in net metering programs can affect the customer’s bottom line because such participants do not generate or pay enough to maintain the cost of the grid. However, other reports show that net metering is actually beneficial to utility companies. Through net metering, utility companies avoid high energy costs and line losses as well as capacity upgrades and transmission costs.

In the United States, as part of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, all public electric utilities are now required to make net metering
available to their customers upon request. In Canada, seven provinces offer net metering programs. They are Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island.

With net metering your hydro bill will show the difference between the amounts of energy your solar PV system exported and the amount of energy your household consumed. All of the regulated charges such as delivery charge, regulatory charge, and debt-retirement charge apply only to your net consumption. Logitest Solar offers a variety of solar panels so that any rooftop can be used for the net metering solar PV project. Our team of specialists will design a solar PV system best fitted into the available roof space for the maximum production and an appealing look. We will make sure that your solar PV system meets all the requirements of your local distribution company (LDC), the electrical safety authority (ESA), and the local municipality.

Solar Energy Power Systems

Posted by Admin on January 24, 2013

Would you like to stop paying for electricity? No matter how unreal this idea sounds, it is an attainable goal. Moreover, it is completely legal. Now that we have your full attention, we are going to discuss the way of implementing this idea into our life – life that is unimaginable without electrical power.

We wake up to an electrical alarm clock and go to sleep accompanied by a soft murmur of a dishwasher. What is the source of this vital energy? Our electricity is derived from fossil fuels. For the last couple of centuries humanity has pumped out and scraped out of the bowels of the earth everything that had formed there for many millions years. The fight for retaining the hold to the depleting resources has been getting ever-deadlier pulling whole states into confrontations and wars.

The deposits of oil and natural gas are rapidly coming to an end while there are natural renewable and low-cost energy sources that do not damage the environment and give us our own unlimited supply of electricity independent of central power networks. These are geothermal, biological, wind, and solar fuel sources. They are part of our life. All we need is to learn how to harness them and make them work for us.

Solar energy is the most rapidly growing industry in the area of the renewable energy sources (RES). Since the beginning of time humans knew the power of sunlight that gave life to everything on Earth. The Sun is one of the most accessible sources of renewable energy.

It is hard to overestimate the advantages of solar energy:

Solar energy is inexhaustible.

Our Sun is now in the middle of its lifecycle and will stay active for billions of years to come;

The amounts of energy produced by sunlight are tremendous. Within twenty minutes the Sun sends to the Earth enough energy to satisfy the needs of humanity for the whole year;

Solar energy is accessible practically everywhere, and the method of its production involves minimal losses due to transportation because it is possible to produce it at the point of its consumption;

The process of solar power generation is 100-percent pure; Solar energy gives its user full independence – you will receive high-quality electrical power independently of the existing networks’ quality;

Many countries of the world have introduced support programs of breaks for the owners of solar energy systems to encourage development of solar power production. Thus investing into a solar energy system is financially beneficial.

As for now, the level of societal development is defined, to a great extent, by a country’s concerns for the environment and its investment into building a scientific and technical foundation for support and development of the alternative energy sources. The most progressive countries – Germany, for instance – have the cardinal amount of energy derived from non-traditional sources.

There are various program of the same kind in North America. The province of Ontario is a recognized leader in the Canadian solar energy industry. Ontario Renewable Energy Standard Offer Program (RESOP) provides profitable tariffs and defines rules, rates, and contracts for the solar energy producers, stipulates specifications for solar energy, and encourages consolidation of the production base for local solar equipment.

Company Logitest Solar under the leadership of a group of young enthusiasts of “clean” energy, which has become one of the leaders of the solar power industry in the province, is willing to share with our readers its knowledge base, ideas, and experiences in the area of implementation of solar energy into Ontarians’ everyday life. Logitest Solar will help you realize that the use of solar power is not just a technological issue – it is also the result of increased awareness of the need to treat our environment with care and respect.

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