Posted by Admin on May 2, 2012

New Rate Schedule for Ontario

With Ontario’s summer hydro rate in effect starting on May 1st, the average household will now be paying almost $6 a month more until October 31. Homes that have a smart meter or time-of-use pricing will also see an increase of approximately $4 on their bills each month, along with a change of peak times. Off peak times are now from 7 pm until 7 a.m. The on peak, high-rate times for electricity are now between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m.

The opposition parties of Ontario blame this increase on the Liberal government’s move into wind, solar, and nuclear power. Chris Bentley, the Energy Minister of Ontario states that the increase is mostly due to the cost of the upgrade of Ontario’s electricity system. The Ontario Energy Board responds to the increase by stating that the prices are rising as the coal-fired generation is being substituted with a more green, eco-friendly approach using natural gas, nuclear, and renewable energy.

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Ontario Solar Energy Generators Can Relocate to Connect to Grid

Posted by Admin on September 7, 2011

Generators of small-scale solar energy in Ontario who have seen their investment stagnate because they can’t connect to the grid can now relocate their projects to another location within the province where they can get online, Ontario Minister of Energy Brad Duguid announced last week.

As part of Ontario’s Green Energy Act enacted in 2009, the provincial government provides guaranteed rates to generators of renewable energy through a feed-in-tariff program. This includes small-scale projects, known as the microFIT program, which allows individuals to get paid for any contribution into the grid.

However, many who have invested in renewable projects have not been able to connect to the grid due to infrastructure limitations.According to the ministry, there are currently 7,000 small-scale green energy projects connected to the grid, and another 4,000 are ready for connection.

“We’re making progress—Hydro One is currently upgrading transmission stations. These upgrades will allow more than 300 projects to safely connect. The Ontario Power Authority and Hydro One have also identified priority stations for upgrades that will allow us to bring clean, renewable energy online,” said Duguid.


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