Everything you wanted to know about Ontario’s microFIT program. Ask Logitest Solar!

Posted by Admin on April 29, 2011

Many of our readers are interested in the idea of having a solar system on their roofs but have a lot of questions and doubts. Our blog is here to help you!

Some key points of microFIT program:

  • Established and approvedĀ  in October 2010 by Ontario Government
  • Offers generous price rates for the electricity sold back to the grid, offers contracts for 20-year term with guaranteed price rates
  • Was created to diverse Ontario’s energy mix with clean renewable sources of energy
  • Continues to stimulate green energy sector by creating new local business and jobs
  • Ontario is the first and only province in Canada to have such a program. It is one of a kind within North America. Similar programs have been successfully running around the globe for years (Germany, Spain, Japan, France, South Korea)

Some of the services Logitest Solar provides:

  • Initial assessment of your property for a microFIT solar project
  • Registration process with OPA (Ontario Power Authority)
  • Installation of PV solar system
  • Financing solutions for your microFIT project

Feel free to ask us anything you want to know about microFIT program and solar energy in general!

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